I’ve searched the web and paid attention to all of my social media feeds and gathered up five of some of the coolest and amazing cosplays that I’ve seen (this week). Cosplay is an amazing hobby. It’s mind blowing to see all of the hard work people put into these

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If you’ve ever wondered what it costs to run the Wayne Manor, then this is the infographic you’re looking for! It breaks down what it cost throughout the comics history to what it actually costs now. Suffice to say, the amount it costs is mind blowing and I’ll be sticking

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Home is the latest Dreamworks animated adventure, letting us explore and view the world of an alien whose crashed on earth, trying to flee his kind and also trying to blend in with the rest of us. Does this mixture work again or is Home something entirely fresh? Synopsis: When

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“An unstoppable terror is set loose upon a nation divided… and history will never be the same!” – Shout! Factory Prepare for all the Frankensteins and time travel your heart can handle as Shout! Factory presents Army of Frankensteins on Blu-ray. Synopsis: After a failed attempt to propose to his

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NoScope Gaming Glasses

NoScope Glasses aim is to create quality computer & gaming eye wear at affordable prices. Today they released two more additions to their arsenal. You have a choice between the Wraith with it’s soft padding & light weight frame or the Minotaur with it’s simple design & durable frame. Check out below

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From director John McNaughton (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer) comes The Harvest. Also known as Can’t Come Out to Play in the UK, The Harvest was released in 2013 at the Chicago International Film Festival and was re-released in 2015 by IFC Films. The film tells the story of

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