DragonCon 2013, coined by some as the “Nerdi Gras” of the East Coast, is only one day away. And I, dear readers, am freaking the frak out! Below a proper representation of how I’ve been feeling this past week and a half. Yes, this is me.


If you’ll notice, there is a hint of excitement behind all of that fake dread as I pull my new Jayne cap down for comfort. For the past week and a half, I’ve been putting finishing touches on four different looks. Yes, four. Am I insane? Quite possibly.

I last went to DragonCon in 2011. Back then I was the newbie, the tourist, the on-looker, the sight-seer, the freshly pressed fangirl who would squee with such ear-piercing intensity  that Tony Todd (Candyman, Chuck) and Edward James Olmos (Battlestar Galactica) had to calm me down respectively. I wish I was making that last part up. As a side note, don’t ever do this, folks, it freaks them out.

This weekend I’ll be posting live updates on the goings-on of DragonCon — panels, parties, and most of all cosplay — on Twitter under the hashtag #IntrotoDragonCon along with nightly round-ups right here on Screen Invasion.

Anyone else coming to DragonCon? Be sure to catch Truly Outrageous: Girl Heroes of Sci-Fi TV and Film, Sat, August 31 at 10:00 PM in the Marriott, rooms M303-M304. I’ll be on the panel with a bunch of other amazing geek women. Come say hello!

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