THE SIMPSONS Get The Wine Treatment

Frankly, I’m not sure who will be more excited by this news, pop culture junkies or Wino’s.

The Simpsons have officially gone alcoholic in a new series of wine packaging developed using the character images from the show.

According to FUBIZ, “Russian designers Constantin Bolimond and Dmitry Patsukevich have created a wine bottles packaging called “Wine, or maybe not?” and inspired by Marge, Homer Simpson and the painter Piet Mondrian. Each bottle is dosed differently to create various flavors and never get bored of this wine.”

Not only is the idea behind this collaboration masterful – bringing The Simpsons to a different audience – but the marketing images are sensational. The bright colors of the prints, which coordinate with the packaging, instantly attract you. They’re just as fun as the concept.

This product would be a great addition for any collectors of The Simpsons paraphernalia, and also would make a great party favor!






Do you want some wine from The Simpsons?

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