Seth Green’s Production Company Presents “Stoop!d Monkey Paparazzi” App

Do you like Seth Green and Matt Senreich Robot Chicken and all that stuff? If you do, you probably know about their production company Stoopid Monkey (generally written STOOP!D MONKEY). If you like Stoopid Monkey, you might subscribe to them on YouTube and know about their little YouTube series starring the monkey in their production logo. The one I presume is “stoopid”. If you’re not familiar with this, here’s an example:



Could be better without the cartoon monkeys, probably, but that would defeat the purpose.

Anyway, the production company has now released a tie-in iOS app available for your iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad entitled the Stoop!d Monkey Paparazzi app. This is another photo app where you can take photos through it using your device’s camera and use stamps and clipart-esque images that the app provides to create a scene, or make it look like you’re hanging out with a weird cartoon character or something. Y’know, wacky stuff like that.

Here’s the App Store description:

Who is STOOP!D MONKEY? STOOP!D MONKEY gets charged up about every second of life ‘cuz each one gives him infinite opportunities to be who he is and do what he does. Spontaneous fun!

Fresh off the launch of their monkey-made internet show (, Stoopid Monkey and his friends went back to the lab to dream up their next big idea STOOP!D MONKEY PAPARAZZI. Now Join Stoopid, Biggie and QT in this fun filled photo app inspired by their favorite adventures with STOOP!D MONKEY PAPARAZZI. Create your own STOOP!D MONKEY themed photos with cool images, and share with your friends. Come back often to check out the newly added fun themes and updates.

Take snapshots of Stoopid, Biggie and QT while on the go. It’s easy and fun!
• Snap a pic with Stoopid, Biggie, and QT on the go!
• Choose free and premium images of Stoopid, Biggie and QT.
• Send kisses, extend birthday wishes, give gifts and more.
• Add personalized messages in fun colors and fonts!
• Share cool Paparazzi pics with friends & fans on Facebook, Twitter and email.

If you’re into stuff like this, or just into Seth/Matt/Robot Chicken, the Stoop!d Monkey Paparazzi app is totally free to install on your iOS device. There are also in-app purchases (because what app doesn’t have in-app purchases nowadays?) that will provide you with more characters, images, and stamps to fool around with.

Only available on iOS right now, sorry Android users. Click to pick it up on the App Store.

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