Review! Adventure Time: It Came From The Nightosphere DVD

For as long as I can remember, Cartoon Network has put out some very way-out, random, and absurd shows. I mean, it was Cartoon Planet along with Space Ghost: Coast to Coast which were pretty much the genesis of [adult swim]. With some exceptions (CN’s Live Action lineup a few years ago,) they continue cranking out classics that are loved by both children as well as adults. Adventure Time is certainly no exception, and having said that… the Powers-That-Be were gracious enough to ship us over their newest Adventure Time DVD: It Came From The Nightosphere…


The Story








For those living under a rock… Adventure Time stars Finn (the Human) and Jake (the Dog). Finn and Jake are best friends living in the Land of Ooo, a magical world where every region, universe, etc. has its own respective princess… normally one who needs saving from the evil Ice King.   In each episode Finn and Jake set off on adventure (Duh.) Be it saving a small village from a giant monster, saving princesses from the Ice King, or saving one from the other… Finn and Jake persevere and have an AWESOME time doing so.


The DVD itself has comes on a single, Lumpy Space Princess-shaped disc. Included are 16 episodes from the first two seasons of the series, including the Emmy Nominated episode “It Came From The Nightosphere.”

Here’s a listing of all the episodes. See if your faves made this DVDs cut:
1: It Came From The Nightosphere
2: Rainy Day Daydream
3: Wizard
4: Power Animal
5: The Enchiridion!
6: Slumber Party Panic
7: The Real You
8: Memory of a Memory
9: Prisoners of Love
10: Crystals Have Power
11: Business Time
12: Mystery Train
13: Guardians of Sunshine
14: The Monster
15: Hitman
16: The Creeps



Special Features






As far as sound and film quality go (as I’ve said before,) obviously with the show being in HD, Warner Home Video once again puts its proverbial feet into making the best DVD viewing experience for you. Special feature-wise, the DVD is definitely lacking (and I’ll get to why that is when I give The Verdict.) No commentary, featurettes, etc.  However, as a continuation of the first Adventure Time DVD (titled: My Two Favorite People,) you get character profiles (Little Did You Know) for some of the secondary characters in the show such as LSP, Beemo, and Peppermint Butler. 



The Verdict

Is this the DVD for you? I would say yes for two different reasons: If you want to enjoy a handful of Adventure Time episodes for around $10, then this is definitely worth grabbing. Don’t think it’s worth getting because of the lack of goodies? Don’t fret, AT fans… Season One is due out this July. Hardcore fans may want to just get all the DVDs.

I give Adventure Time: It Came From The Nightosphere…

4 out of 5 Lumpy Space Princesses

The Author

John J. Galbo

John J. Galbo

New York-based John J. is Contributing Editor for Agents of Geek. He is also Creator/Chief Operating Officer of [adult swim] central and co-founder of ACPN.
He co-hosts The Swimcast and Adventure Club Podcast, among others.

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