Images of Archer Toy Prototypes.

As we excitedly posted a little over a week ago, Factory Entertainment is currently working on a line of Archer collectibles. Now we can get glimpse at what they have planned, as some of the prototypes for the line were revealed at the 2013 Toy Fair. The website Kastor’s Korner posted an article earlier today showing photos from the fair, revealing of some of the prototypes that are currently being worked on.

The featured image of this post shows 3 of the planned Bobblehead-like Shakems Statues. In edition to their wobbliness, the statues will also have voice chips in them that will quote lines from the show.

Kastor’s Korner also reports that fans may be able to help decide which characters will be part of the line of action figures that are also in the works:

A 3D concept of the first 6″ figure was also on display.  Archer himself will be the first release, but Factory plans to release as many figures from the crazy cast of characters as possible– Each is planned to have a minimum of 18 points of articulation and character appropriate accessories.  Archer will come packing his gun with silencer, the freak out bag and a decanter complete with glass.

For future figures in the assortment, Factory is feeling out who the best choices would be.  While Lana seems obvious, their feedback has shown even greater demand for other iconic characters like Krieger.  They are considering a fan poll to let fans of the series vote on who deserves the toy treatment following our hapless hero, which sounds like a great idea to me!

Can’t wait to see who ends up making the cut (I’d prefer all of them personally). We’ll hopefully be finding out soon.

The full article, as well as additional photos from the fair, can be found Here.

Also a thank you goes out to @RandomTweetName for pointing out the article.



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