Ladies of STAR TREK Illustrations by Des Taylor

Check out these Ladies of Star Trek illustrations by Des Taylor. Star Trek has never looked so beautiful. I love the pop culture style of Des’ art. Be sure to check out his work on his website.

Here is a description of the Ladies of Star Trek Illustrations:

Just put the Trek girl illustrations I did a while back into one image for all of you Trek fans out there. It is a Costume I love to illustrate and I will do some more at some point. Also knocked up an Illustration for my next Artbook THE BAD GIRLS OF DES TAYLOR. My longtime friend Jordan Gwynn Colton was the basis of the girl in the Illustration. She is absolutely stunning and a great person overall. Her poses have inspired quite a few of my illustrations over the years from Scarlett Couture to Katie Rogers and I hope she will continue to do so for years to come. Enjoy!

Which is your favorite out of these Ladies of Star Trek Illustrations:

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What do you think of the Ladies of Star Trek art?

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