Watch A Clip From The Upcoming Delocated Finale, “The Frrt Identity”

I guess we all sort of saw it coming, and everything that happened at the end of last season kind of forced you to realize it, but it’s still sad to note that Delocated is ending, three seasons, two of which full of half-hour episodes, and plenty of guest stars, misadventures, sandwiches, dogs, bodyguards, and frrts later.

On Thursday, March 7th, Delocated will go out with one final bang, with the series finale, The Frrt Identity. After being kidnapped at the end of season 3’s reunion show by Sergei, “Jon” wakes up on the shore in New York City with complete amnesia. Check it:


Join us all in saying goodbye to “Jon”, Sergei, Yvgeny, TB, Kim, “Susan”, “David”, and Todd Barry, Thursday March 7th at 12:30AM on Adult Swim.

Sad face.

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