Music: Listen to The Song Flying Lotus Made For Adventure Time

This past Monday was April Fools Day and most of the pranks people pulled were pretty lame. But, it was also Monday, so Cartoon Network had a bunch of new primetime shows for your enjoyment, and one was a brand new Adventure Time which was promoted with not a single bit of footage from the episode. It was meant to be a bit of an April Fools surprise, it seems, and boy was it (for anyone who didn’t see the leak of the episode, at least).

A completely CG episode by animator David O’Reilly entitled A Glitch is a Glitch was Monday’s AT fare, a bizarre episode full of broken fourth walls, creepy videos of people eating their own hair, video glitches that made you think the video was actually corrupted, Bubblegum making out with her own hand, and the line “have you been playing basketball in someone else’s hockey rink?”

It was all very good.

The man who is pretty much an experimental electronic legend nowadays, Flying Lotus (known also as Captain Murphy every once in a while) did a track for the closing credits of the episode, but most people didn’t get to hear it because CN cut the credits and squished em, sans music, in after their airing of Guardians of Sunshine that followed the premiere. FlyLo is awesome, though, and he put the full track on his Soundcloud for all to hear. Check it:

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Watch the episode, too, when you can. Some versions look better than others (the animator mentioned messed-up colors that ended up being in the TV airing), so go find something nice-looking and enjoy. And also watch it on TV, always.

Watch new episodes Adventure Time every Monday at 7:30 PM on Cartoon Network.

It’s basically the best animated show on television, so pop in for some great TV each Monday.

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