Geeky Wooden Idols – Superman, Batman and More

Here are some great geeky wooden idols. The idols include Superman, Batman, The Muppets and more. I happened upon these while browsing my Tumblr. Whenever I think of an idol, I am reminded of the Raiders of the Lost Ark opening segment where Indy is weighing out the sand bag to replace the golden idol.

We all know how that turned out. Hopefully you have seen Raiders, if not stop looking at these geeky wooden idols and watch that movie. Check out all of the idols below thanks to VariantDash.

geeky-wooden-idols geeky-wooden-idols2 geeky-wooden-idols3 geeky-wooden-idols5 geeky-wooden-idols6 geeky-wooden-idols7 geeky-wooden-idols8 geeky-wooden-idols9 geeky-wooden-idols10

Which of the Geeky Wooden Idols is your favorite?


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