Ratings: Toonami Sees Its Best Numbers Yet

Toonami came back for good a bit over a year ago, and since, it’s posted some good-enough ratings. From what I recall, the block has been doing better than Saturdays usually would on Adult Swim– the familiar branding seems to do a lot.

Ratings for Toonami on June 8th, this past weekend, were posted today, and it’s looking like the reborn block had its best week yet. Not a single show crept under 800k, the threshold that Saturdays regularly maxed out at on old Saturdays. Take a look at the numbers:

(in total viewers)

12:00AM Bleach 1.0 HH, 1.405 million
12:30AM Naruto 1.0 HH, 1.336 million
1:00AM One Piece 0.9 HH, 1.127 million
1:30AM Soul Eater 0.8 HH, 1.056 million
2:00AM IGPX: Immortal Grand Prix 0.7 HH, 985,000
2:30AM Eureka 7 0.7 HH, 869,000
3:00AM Thundercats (2011) 0.6 HH, 812,000
3:30AM Sym-Bionic Titan 0.6 HH, 874,000
4:00AM Fullmetal: Brotherhood 0.6 HH, 886,000
4:30AM Cowboy Bebop 0.6 HH, 836,000
5:00AM Inuyasha 0.6 HH, 914,000
5:30AM Inuyasha 0.0 HH, 866,000

The 3AM Thundercats bottomed out the night with just over 800k, while the 5:30AM Inuyasha gained the lowest rating at a 0.0. Bleach, unsurprisingly, especially for its time slot, won the night with just past 1.4 million.

A heck of a night for TOM and company. If you want to see this block stick another few years, watch Toonami every Saturday starting at midnight. Keep these numbers floating around where they are (or, even better, make ’em even better!).

Only Toonami, only Adult Swim.

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