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[adult swim] vs ADHD: Round 1

For those who may have caught Saturday night’s premier of FOX’s new Animation Domination High-Def (known as ADHD,) may have noticed some familiar bump-like promos at the beginning. [adult swim]’s own black and white title card bumps opened the block with some snarky remarks. Personally, I thought it was tongue-in-cheek that Swim was opening the block, what with the two being similar (among them, the new shows, Axe Cop and High School USA are both 11 minutes long, plus the block was developed by former EP of Swim, Nick Weidenfeld.) Turns out Swim had an ulterior motive…

…according to a few outlets like Uproxx and Deadline, this move was what the entertainment industry calls “potshots.” Evidently, and without Fox Network’s knowledge, Turner Net purchased ad time at 11:30pm (when the ADHD block began,) as well as at midnight during the to poke fun at the new block:

That was the first of two Adult Swim promos throughout the night, the other reading:

Congratulations to the crew at ADHD on the launch of their new shows. We wish you all the best…. Nice place you got here… How are the kids?… Great, Great stuff. We’re going to go home now [adult swim].

After it was all said and done, ADHD fired back on their Twitter:


In addition, Weidenfeld himself commented on the situation…

“We love Adult Swim and we’re happy to receive both their attention and their ad dollars!”

Click to read more of my opinion of this “War.”


 Personally, I’m still conflicted about what went down (obviously I know what side I’m taking regardless… this site isn’t exactly called “”) It’s still interesting to see the big boy in Swim go after the little fish of ADHD on their own turf. ESPECIALLY, on Swim’s least watched night (I’m not talking Toonami here, I’m talking 9 – Midnight.) I’m eager to see if there’s any retaliation on ADHD’s part towards Swim.

I’m also interested in seeing if Swim does anything to up their regular Saturday blocks. The Cleveland-Boondocks Power Hour tends to get super-boring. Especially when the former is the worst show Seth MacFarlane has produced for Fox thusfar (and despite that, it also topped off the ADHD block. Meh.) Personally, I’d like to see either reruns of their current shows (seriously, would it hurt Swim to show repeats of this past season of Venture? Or second showings of new NTSF and Childrens episodes? Maybe even some classic Swim… remember Space Ghost? That dude who put you on the Adult-oriented Animation track?

Regardless of how this was (or is still) intended to go down, next Saturday should be an interesting one.

P.S.: The premiers of Axe Cop and High School USA, in my opinion, were excellent!

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John J. Galbo

John J. Galbo

New York-based John J. is Contributing Editor for Agents of Geek. He is also Creator/Chief Operating Officer of [adult swim] central and co-founder of ACPN.
He co-hosts The Swimcast and Adventure Club Podcast, among others.

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