DragonCon Diaries – Day 1

Day one of DragonCon is finally complete! As of writing this, it is 2:21 AM. This writer is bushed like you wouldn’t believe, and only one glass of Yeungling has been drunk. As was mentioned in an earlier post, this is only my second year attending DragonCon, the first being in 2011. With me was a couple who are convention newbies. I may have set them up into thinking that I was already a pro at navigating my way through this massive nerd convention. I am not. I still get lost even though my desired destination is staring at me from a mere ten feet away. In other words, it became a scenario of the blind leading the blind.

We registered early Friday morning. I should mention first that we had to drive five hours the night before, and we got a late start. We didn’t arrive until two o’clock in the morning, and I had to wake up four hours later to get ready, eat breakfast, and head off to registration.

Parking. Do not be fooled by these lots that say you have to pay 20 to 30 dollars a day for parking. There are places that offer as cheap as five and ten dollars a day, and they’re only a couple of blocks away from the host hotels.

We arrived at the Sheraton to pick up our badges. The total length of time we had to wait in line was barely even an hour. That seems incredibly ridiculous even for me. I’ve waited in line for coffee at a local Starbucks longer than I had to wait to redeem my badge. After reading what Twitter and Facebook was saying about the hang ups and two and a half hour waits the day before, we were prepared for the long haul. As soon as we got inside, there were a few people briskly walking through to the front of the line. It felt like a very well oiled, well timed machine. Lesson of the day, folks, arrive on Thursday, don’t register until Friday morning. (I apologize in advance for some of following pictures throughout the rest of this feature. All I had was my iPhone with me.)


I’ll briefly skim through the three panels we attended today. The first was with George Takei. Why not, right? He’s freaking Sulu. He recounts his time on the Enterprise and then on the Excelsior, a ship Sulu commanded in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. He humorously quipped about how Sulu finally gets to helm his own ship, a real promotion with responsibilities other than what he had been doing since day one on the original series, as well as save Captain Kirk from annihilation. He jokingly renamed the movie Star Trek VI: Sulu Saves the Day.


The second panel was with Lucy Lawless. Let me just get this out there before I say anything else: Lawless looks so much better as a blonde than she ever did with black hair in her Xena days. One thing that sort of surprised me was that she has such a snarky sense of humor, AND! she supports the furries. That right there won me over forever. I don’t necessarily understand the furry culture, but hearing Lucy Lawless talk about it with excited enthusiasm was just a delightful experience. She also loves Adventure Time. Infinity points to Ms. Lawless! On the subject of whether she would revisit Xena again, she said¬†“I’d love to revisit Xena, but it needs to be done right. I’d feel better if I could somehow hand it over to the new generation.” Here’s hoping we get to see something of a revival of that character in the near future, that is, if they could figure out exactly who owns all the rights to the show. It’s currently caught in legal limbo, according to Lawless.


The third and final panel that I attended was with Jason David Frank, better known as Tommy Oliver, the Green Ranger from the original Power Rangers. First off, this coming Wednesday marks the 20th anniversary of The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. I was seven years old 20 years ago. This guy… This guy. He was all over the place. He has ADHD and it shows. I’m not complaining, don’t get me wrong. The tangents he would swerve into were absolutely hilarious. Everyone in the room was laughing the whole time; he was bouncing all over the place. It may be safe to say that Jason answered a third of each question during that whole hour. Okay, that was a little bit of an exaggeration, but not by much. He mention that he’s been trying to work with Saban, the company that owns the Power Rangers franchise, in making a Green Ranger movie, or even getting the band back together. The latter is hardly likely to happen, but wouldn’t it be cool if we got a Green Ranger movie? Because let’s face it, green was always our favorite color in the spectrum of teenaged fighters who commanded by a floating head in a tube.

My absolute favorite thing to do is wander around the hotels and scope out the costumes. There were some really fun ones walking around:




You can find even more fun cosplay pictures and updates by following #introtodragoncon and @chasfemgeek on Twitter.

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