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Friday FlashDown to Dragon Con (2008)

Starting a new column here for certain events (like the upcoming Dragon Con) going on. I’d like to think is a cross between a Flashback as well as a countdown. I’m calling it the Friday FlashDown,

Today’s very first installment takes us back to 2008’s Dragon*Con. Back before they got rid of the *… and the pedo… The 08 Con served as the first of two which featured [adult swim]’s massive “Dragon Panel,” a panel made up of (what else?) Dragons! The cool thing about this panel was two-fold: First off, you had the unsung heroes of Williams Street (People you may or may not have heard of like Kim Manning, Eddie Ray, Merrill Hagan, and Dana Swanson,) along with Dana Snyder (Master Shake, for those who don’t already know,) as well as Head Honcho, Mike Lazzo, dressed as various dragons, each with his or her own backstory. For example, Lazzo was “Golf and Applebees Expert” Dragon, Dana Swanson’s was the Space Dragon who wanted to mate (and ultimately devour) someone, and so on.

The second part of this panel was the fact that they were featuring clips for upcoming shows that were either having a brand new season or series. In a way, it was a fan-version of the yearly Upfronts in NYC. The clips included…

  • A preview for Check it Out w/ Dr. Steve Brule
  • A preview for Look Around You
  • A preview for The Mighty Boosh
  • A preview for Delocated
  • A Squidbillies clip
  • A clip of Superjail
  • A clip of The Drinky Crow Show
  • Two clips from ATHF episodes
  • A (fake) Venture Bros. clip

The convention also featured panels for Squidbillies, Aqua Teen, and Venture Bros., as well as the very first Ken P. D. Snydecast panel, with Dana Snyder… which featured a logo contest (that while selected, was never used,) and video footage recorded (that was never released.)

In addition, The People’s Republic of Venture hosted its very first Consuite Party in the form of The Monarch’s Wedding Reception.

Check out some audio/video accompaniment on the link. You can also check out some pics on my Flickr…. and check back for the 2009 report next week.



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John J. Galbo

John J. Galbo

New York-based John J. is Contributing Editor for Agents of Geek. He is also Creator/Chief Operating Officer of [adult swim] central and co-founder of ACPN.
He co-hosts The Swimcast and Adventure Club Podcast, among others.

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