Gearing Up For DragonCon 2013!

DragonCon 2013, coined by some as the “Nerdi Gras” of the East Coast, is only one day away. And I, dear readers, am freaking the frak out! Below a proper representation of how I’ve been feeling this past week and a half. Yes, this is me.


If you’ll notice, there is a hint of excitement behind all of that fake dread as I pull my new Jayne cap down for comfort. For the past week and a half, I’ve been putting finishing touches on four different looks. Yes, four. Am I insane? Quite possibly.

I last went to DragonCon in 2011. Back then I was the newbie, the tourist, the on-looker, the sight-seer, the freshly pressed fangirl who would squee with such ear-piercing intensity  that Tony Todd (Candyman, Chuck) and Edward James Olmos (Battlestar Galactica) had to calm me down respectively. I wish I was making that last part up. As a side note, don’t ever do this, folks, it freaks them out.

This weekend I’ll be posting live updates on the goings-on of DragonCon — panels, parties, and most of all cosplay — on Twitter under the hashtag #IntrotoDragonCon along with nightly round-ups right here on Screen Invasion.

Anyone else coming to DragonCon? Be sure to catch Truly Outrageous: Girl Heroes of Sci-Fi TV and Film, Sat, August 31 at 10:00 PM in the Marriott, rooms M303-M304. I’ll be on the panel with a bunch of other amazing geek women. Come say hello!

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Christina Janke

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