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LEGEND OF ZELDA Ocarina of Time Poster Art

Check out this Legend of Zelda poster art by Luke Butland (aka Lost Mind)  is based on the Ocarina of Time.  The poster has a limited run of 20, and are available for $25 at Luke’s store. He is offering a special 25% off of your entire order now through August 31.

legend-of-zelda-lostmind legend-of-zelda-lostmind-detail

Legend of Zelda poster specs:

Original illustration based on the Ocarina of Time by Luke Butland

Unofficial Fan Art

This print has been created in collaboration with composer Marcus Hedges.

With every purchase of this print you will receive a digital download of the music Link learns on the ocarina re-composed for Orchestra by Marcus Hedges.

Print specs:

Giclee Print

on 240Gsm Natural white paper

297mm x 764mm


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The Author

Jim Napier

Jim Napier

Geek with a voracious appetite for movies, technology, social media and digital marketing.

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