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Saturday Flashdown to Dragon Con (2009)

Been rather busy here at central. That being said, we’re going to be featuring more memories from past Dragon Con events, leading up to this year’s:

2009’s Dragon Con was a rather fun one, AND was also the first convention to feature not only a central-operated fan panel, but also our very own fan table.

Here are some of the events that also took place at the show:

  • The second of two “Dragon Panels” took place. Everyone was (once again), a dragon… save for Mike Lazzo, who was now a Scottish Lighthouse who lured dragons in and killed them. Once again, the panel featured sneak peeks from upcoming shows (as well as shows that have yet to see the light of day).
  • A really cool ATHF/Squidbillies panel happened, in which part of it was dedicated to Dave Willis and Dana Snyder’s live shows that happened a year later. We were also given a live performance by Unknown Hinson (a.k.a.: Early Cuyler).
  • Venture Bros. hosted another round of panel questions and love.
  • Dana Snyder had another “Ken P. D Snydecast” panel which included random prizes and more.
  • The first of three “Swimcast Live” events also happened at the [as]central Fan Table. Yours truly was joined by former Swimcast panelist Jackie (a.k.a.: Smaddy) where we chatted with random people who stopped by the table. Madness ensued.

Check out buttloads of accompanying media on the link… and stay tuned for the next installment (coming sooner than you think).

Dragon Con 2009 Pictures via my Flickr

Swimcast: Episode 77, Part 2: “Swimcast Live”

Swimcast: Episode 77, Part 3: Dragon Con 2009 Recap

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