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Super Mario WW2 Propaganda Poster Art

These Super Mario WW2 Propaganda posters by Fro Design Co mix artistry with humor and even a bit of history. Propaganda posters were heavily used during WW2 by the Nazi’s and Allied forces. In Paul Verhoeven’s Starship Troopers propaganda ads were used in a humorous way. These Super Mario WW2 propaganda posters have plenty of color to grab your attention and command you to follow their bidding!  Keep reading to check them out thanks to our friends at it8bit.

super-mario-propaganda-494x660 super-mario-propaganda7-494x660 super-mario-propaganda6-494x660 super-mario-propaganda5-494x660 super-mario-propaganda4-494x660 super-mario-propaganda3-495x660 super-mario-propaganda2-495x660

Prints available at their store

Which of the above Super Mario WW2 Propaganda Posters grabs your attention the most?

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