It’s such a shame when an independent filmmaker has the ability to create a movie with no restrictions or outside interference and delivers something so bland and un-provoking it makes you feel like you’re watching an inside joke that only the people involved were in on.

The premise for Dead Before Dawn 3D involves a cursed family urn that is kept in the family owned occult store and will unleash a vengeful spirit if the seal is ever broken. Everything is set up in flashback as we see the main character Casper witnessing the possession of his father after he is responsible for messing with the urn after being warned not to touch it.

Still with me? Flash forward to Casper in his teens and the store is now ran by his grandfather played by Christopher Lloyd who wants his traumatized grandson to watch the store so he can go accept a trophy he’s been awarded. Casper has a crush on a girl who comes to the store because she happens to have an interest in the occult and Casper’s friends soon follow to keep him company. Of course the one thing his crush is mainly interested in is the urn, so he caves in and grabs it to hopefully impress her. Of course the damn thing breaks and poor Casper starts freaking out warning them all that they are now cursed. They all joke around what their curse should be which involves people commiting suicide who look them in the face, who inturn resurrect like zombies possessed by demons that attack by giving hickeys on the neck. Sounds like it could be fun right? Oh how dead wrong you would be.

Everything about this movie is aimed for children, from the tone to the acting yet it’s rated R, how could that be? Apparently for violence which you barely see and language which involved the word shit which we’ve all heard on prime time television. I’m still scratching my head about the ratings board on this one, unless they were begged to give it a hard rating. It pains me to trash a movie on a small budget that needs good word of mouth to get seen but the hard truth is that when a movie is made for the purpose of entertainment and doesn’t deliver on that, we’ve got problems. It’s hard to judge the performances because it seems that everyone was told to over act for failed comedic purposes,even poor Mr. Lloyd is reduced to whoring his catchphrase from Back To The Future.The main contradiction that lies with the tone is the fact we are meant to feel for characters who react to their loved ones being killed like they lost a nickel down the sewer drain. You can’t play that for laughs and sympathy, you need to choose one or the other. There are two thing I expect from a rated R horror comedy about vengeful undead demons on a rampage and that is laughs and gore. This movie failed at both miserably and I would have rather watched an episode of Scooby Doo or Night of the Demons for that matter!

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Sean McClannahan

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