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[as] Video App Update – Now Includes LIVE Streaming!

Just a day removed from Apple’s big iOS7 update (which I’ve have since the weekend… thanks LifeHacker), [adult swim] has updated their current Video app. While that may seem pretty common, considering how Apple operates, Swim has officially joined the modern age of streaming media over tablets, iThingies and E-Droidz by rebranding the app as “Watch [adult swim].”

That’s right, folks… FINALLY, you can watch LIVE streaming [adult swim] as it broadcasts (from 9pm – 6am on EITHER COAST)! *Keep in mind, like [as]’s Gold Episodes, you still need a cable/satellite subscriber account to access the live feeds.

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The “Watch [adult swim]” App is available in the iPhone App Store, Google Play, and wherever else the former [as] app was made available (believe it or not, I’m pretty sure there’s also a Blackberry app).

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John J. Galbo

John J. Galbo

New York-based John J. is Contributing Editor for Agents of Geek. He is also Creator/Chief Operating Officer of [adult swim] central and co-founder of ACPN.
He co-hosts The Swimcast and Adventure Club Podcast, among others.

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