Batman Vs Superman Art by Doaly

Batman Vs Superman is going to blow the minds of geeks all over the world. Since that won’t be happening anytime soon, we’ve got some amazing poster art by Doaly. This Batman Vs Superman art look fantastic, and I would love to have them hanging on my wall. Even if you don’t like the fact that Ben Affleck is playing Batman you can agree that this poster art rocks.

Artist Description:

“For this print I wanted to create a piece that you could hang either way round and change as you argue with friends who would win in a fight Batman or Superman. The piece contrasts the two heroes against Gotham and Metropolis as well as hinting on their personalities being night and day apart.”

Check out the Batman Vs Superman art below:




See more of Doaly’s work on Facebook, and buy stuff at his store. Check out more awesome art on Xombiedirge.


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