Better Call Saul – BREAKING BAD Spinoff Confirmed by AMC

Better Call Saul has been confirmed! AMC asnd Sony Pictures Television have confirmed a Breaking Bad spinoff show. The  one-hour show will follow lawyer Saul Goodm and will focus on the shady character before he became Walter White’s lawyer. The rumor about a possible series spinoff was discussed last April, but an official deal has been made with creator Vince Gilligan. It makes complete sense that AMC would want to move forward with the show. Breaking Bad has such a loyal fan base that the show will likely be an automatic success.

Here is what Gilligan had to say about Better Call Saul:

“I like to think of Saul as a cockroach in the best possible way. This is a guy who’s going to survive while the rest of us have been nuked into annihilation. He’ll be the worst-dressed cockroach in the world.” Now that we know that Better Call Saul will indeed function as a prequel, Saul’s fate on Breaking Bad is a little more up in the air.

“[Saul] kind of knows everybody…everybody in town, all the major players. And he has a hand in the business every which way he can,” Gilligan told Yahoo! TV back in April. “So we just have to figure out exactly what kind of story we’re telling. Is it a story about his creation of his own character? Because Saul Goodman, as he explains in his first episode, is not his real name. He is a self-created character, much like Heisenberg. Do we tell the story of his origins? We’re still trying to hash that out. But there are a lot of fun possibilities.”


Breaking Bad is a fantastic show. so I am all in for Better Call Saul. Bob Odenkirk is wonderful as Saul. His character brings a humor to the dark unrelenting show. What are your thoughts about the spinoff prequel?

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