The ‘Boy Wonder’ no more. Justin Bieber is Robin?

‘Man of Steel’ has given us so much. Superhuman clashes that go at break neck speed, honest human moments between interesting and multi-layered characters and recently it has given us what we all dreamed of when we saw the crossover episode, ‘World’s Finest’ in ‘Superman: The Animated Television Series’ all those years ago, a sequel that will feature both Batman and Superman. Is there however a flip/side to all this fantastic news? If you had asked me that question a few days ago I would have said no, unfortunately since then there has been some developments.

Welcome, to ‘Biebergate’.
A  few days ago Justin Bieber tweeted a picture that shocked the whole world. He was holding in his hands a script which had the supposed title for the ‘Man of Steel’ sequel. Now if that wasn’t bad enough he then hash tagged the word robin. You can imagine what went through my mind as I read this, I absolutely freaked out, what the hell if this is? Which Robin will he be? Since this Batman will be a seasoned veteran it could be any Robin, and Bieber would ruin each and every one of them. There is far too much history with Dick, I honestly don’t think he could pull off the tortured past of Jason and he is no way as intelligent as Tim and don’t even get me started on Damian, that complicated wunderkind. Justin Bieber is a part of the same group of singers that consists of Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson that believe they can act as well as sing. He believes just because he was in an episode of ‘CSI’ he can now join a film series which has Oscar nominated actors among it.


The damage that this casting could do to this franchise would be irreparable , not only that, it could destroy the fledgling career of the newly christened Batman, Ben Affleck. Then there is the worst possible situation, the ‘Justice League’ film could be put on indefinite hold. People need to understand the possible ramifications of this casting. As a ‘DC’ film fan and a human being I cannot condone this casting.

All you have to do is look at all the ridiculous things Justin Bieber has done over the past year and you will understand that he represents none of the qualities that we have come to admire from the ‘Boy Wonder’.

I thought it would be interesting ,and mainly funny, to show you the episode just so you’ll get an idea of how Justin Bieber “acts”.
Justin Bieber getting shot.

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