With The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in the bag and the promotional campaign in full-force, Lionsgate is concentrating their efforts on casting for the final 2 films.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Parts 1 & 2 will introduce a bevy of new characters that will be influential in the rebellion. Those who manage to survive the upcoming Quarter Quell will be joined in their rebel cause by former victor, Commander Lyme – a role that is now filled. Lyme will be played by Lily Rabe (American Horror Story).

It’s a pretty small part, so hopefully fans won’t be turned off by the discrepancy in age between Rabe and how the character was written. Collins described the character as “middle-aged,” but Rabe clearly doesn’t fit that bill. I don’t know about you, but I’m less concerned with this character and way more excited by other recent casting news.

There have been several well publicized rumors regarding the highly-speculated role of President Alma Coin, but we can all stop guessing now. Julianne Moore will officially be taking on the role of Coin, the leader of the mysterious District 13, in the final 2 films and I can’t wait to see her personify the calculated, manipulative character of Coin.

Are there any other Mockingjay characters left that you are particularly excited to see cast, or are all your must-haves already locked down? Let us know!


Source: Deadline


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