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MORTAL KOMBAT Redesigns by Vincent Proce

Mortal Kombat was fun on consoles, but even cooler in the arcade. There is something about standing up, putting quarters in and playing at an arcade. We’ve got some cool Mortal Kombat art by Vincent Proce. The art takes new look at the Mortal Kombat universe. Proce  is known for doing some amazing concept art and illustration. Check out some of his work on his site and blog. Keep reading to see the art.

mortal-kombat-redesign mortal-kombat-redesign2 mortal-kombat-redesign3 mortal-kombat-redesign4 mortal-kombat-redesign5

Thanks to XombieDirge for sharing this cool art. Visit his site to see more amazing geek art!

What is your favorite Mortal Kombat piece?

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