Top 3 Wonder Woman Fan-Films

While Hollywood-proper twiddle their thumbs and scratch their heads over how to bring us a Wonder Woman movie, there are a few floating around Youtube to sate our appetites to see the Amazon Princess in action. Actually, we take that back, after watching these videos, we need more! Step to it, Hollywood, believe in yourself!

3. Wonder Woman gets epic

Team Unicorn’s Rileah Vanderbilt stars as the legendary Amazon Princess about to kick some titan butt with her fellow Amazon sisters. In a flash sideways, she is also fighting armed bad guys in the middle of a deserted metropolis, which also happens to be on fire. While awesome, this video only shows the epic side of what a Wonder Woman film can be. There’s no real story, nor do we a real sense of what’s going on here. However, the graphics look pretty damn fine. We have mountain-sized titans invading the shores of Themyscira, and a city on fire. If given the chance to do more, we’d love to see what Rainfall Films has in store.

2. Wonder Woman versus Nazis

C’mon. It’s Wonder Woman taking on a small army of Nazis. What about this premiss is not awesome? The fights in this fan trailer are some of the best in any Wonder Woman video on Youtube. It may have something to do with the fact that  Jesse V. Johnson, director of this little gem, is an action director and a stunt coordinator.

1. Wonder Woman goes on a date

We can see this sort of introduction actually happening if the CW gets off their butts and produce their own own Wonder Woman show like they’ve been saying. What’s probably the most amusing about this video is that Wonder Woman resorted to using a dating website like OK Cupid. A step up from Craigslist, we suppose, but not by much. Hey look, it’s Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth)!

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