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It has been three weeks now since Agents of  SHIELD graced our screen and with it has come a barrage of rumours and teases. First there was the huge news that Phil “Son of Coul” Coulson will be a main character and is some how resurrected after being skewered by Loki. The many different theories include a Life Model Decoy, which means Coulson in Shield will be an android. Others include a clone, that he’ll be the Vision, which would be fantastic but Clark Gregg has stated that he doesn’t want that role. We’ve been continually bombarded with cast calls as well as various teased at arcs that they may implement into the live action Marvel Universe. What is great about the AGENTS OF  SHIELD series is that they can introduce characters and see how the audience likes them, then import the best into the Marvel Movie Universe.

Now I think we can all agree that Avengers was fantastic but one of the unexpected treats was Cobie Smulders aka Maria Hill, in that catsuit. She was absolutely outstanding as the femme fatale we all love to hate. If anyone knows their Marvel Universe they know how much of a bitch Maria Hill is and how she instigates a war within the Marvel Universe which fucks the status quo of the costumed heroes for a long time. If they ever implement this into the Marvel Movie Universe then they could really be on to something. This brings me nicely to my point and the subject matter of this post, with all the cast calls and the fact that Nick Fury will probably have quite a minimal role in AGENTS OF SHIELD a lot of fans hoped Maria Hill would lead the series. What we got was a wonderful cameo from Cobie Smulders who was a treat to see with the rest of the AGENTS OF SHIELD cast. Hopefully she will show up again in increasing frequency, especially since How I Met Your Mother is ending soon.

On January 26th 2013 an article was released an article that just made my day. I’ll give you a quick run down of the article then drop a link to the site.
When asked about AGENTS OF SHIELD and her future in the Marvel Universe Cobie explained that her dedication to How I met your Mother did not matter and that her schedules would not conflict with the scheduling of Agents of Shield.

Cobie Smulders Interview.

This was excellent news as Maria Hills inclusion in AGENTS OF SHIELD allows for a very interesting dynamic in the series. As we saw in the Avengers, Maria Hill does not mind letting her opinion be known and is often conflicted with the use of such eccentric characters, like Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk. She is a woman in a world infested with super heroes, who hates super heroes. It’ll be a great kind of subplot to see her grow increasingly paranoid about the escapades of the super humans in both the AGENTS OF SHIELD series and Marvel Movie Universe.

With Maria  Hill only going to be an infrequent  recurring character I decided to  look  at the possibilities  of  other guest characters from the Marvel Universe. With AGENTS OF SHIELD  based around the world  as a globe trotting team the sky is  the limit for guest characters to how up. I was under the impression when the series began that  it would  be based in and around New York so my idea of guest characters was limited but now knowing that the cast can go  anywhere has opened my eyes to a world of heroes and villains. Already one  major villain has been born, you might not even  realise it but AGENTS OF SHIELD has already created a super villain in the shape of Dr. Franklin Hall or as he may come to be known as, Graviton. A villain who is powerful enough to take on all the Avengers and still keep on kicking even when they defeat him. Then there are the heroes, already AGENTS OF SHIELD has given us a wonderful cast of original characters but there is such opportunity for Marvel heroes to be injected into the mix. Here for your pleasure  is some of the most organic and interesting characters that could be introduced into Agents of Shield.

Captain Marvel


Carol Danvers is one of the most prolific super heroines of our time. She has gone from strength  to  strength in recent history. Since House  of M she has had a massive surge in popularity. She is one of the most powerful individuals in the Marvel Universe and she has come from humble beginnings. She was once an AGENTS OF SHIELD, that’s right there’s your connection, until one day she is caught in an explosion, of  alien origin,and then she is imbued with incredible superhuman abilities.

Likelihood Rating: 4/5

The reason this isn’t 5/5 is because of a simple  one, budget. With Captain Marvels wide range of superhuman abilities there may not be room in the budget for her, but that  can easily  be remedied with a bigger budget, which the series will probably receive down the line.


Luke Cage & Danny Rand aka Iron Fist

Luke Cage and Iron Fist
Luke Cage and Iron Fist

These two come as a package deal  since they are a great team. Also they are based in New York which I imagine is going  to be the casts home base. Just imagine it, Luke would  bump into a bunch of the AGENTS OF SHIELD through a mix up and get into a massive  fight over the little guy who Luke feels the AGENTS OF SHIELD are trampling over. Danny would be there as back up for Luke  if he got in trouble. They would relate to Skye as fellow assets brought in by Coulson.

Likelihood Rating: 5/5

Luke and Danny are so fun, accessible and the budget can easily accommodate their abilities. Luke needs no visuals, except for the odd bullets bouncing off his indestructible skin. Danny is a little more difficult because  his powers are more visual but not to an extreme level. Also since they are based in New York they would be great as recurring characters whenever the team need that a little  bit  extra muscle.




I know, I know. He’s a big fish. He was almost an Avenger and Marvel just got the rights back . some would say he needs more time to rest, relax and recoup from his last outing. I  don’t believe that, I think it’s time for Matt Murdock to come out of the shadows and reign supreme in New Yorks most disturbing neighbourhood, Hells Kitchen. He would be a great addition to the landscape  of the series, as a kind of special  guest who pops up every now  and then. Kind of like Faith out of Buffy The Vampire Slayer series.

Likelihood Rating: 3/5

Just because he is a great  candidate doesn’t mean he will be in AGENTS OF  SHIELD. Whedon and his crew may believe that the series needs to stand on its own two feet without the need of big characters, for now. I  do think that AGENTS OF  SHIELD would be a great spring board for Daredevil and other characters who need a little help to get into the bigger game.


Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider

Can you imagine what it would be like to see this dude tearing up the  streets of New York. With the right treatment and writers behind him Ghost Rider could  be a force to be reckoned with. His  origin is steeped in the supernatural elements of the  Marvel Universe and would  allow  for the AGENTS OF SHIELD series to bridge the gap between the supernatural and the scientific in the Marvel series.

Likelihood Rating: 4/5

Ghost Rider could  be one of the best assets to the  team and to  the series and the reason I bring him up is because  he is being reborn in a new series in the Marvel Universe which would be a great way  to cross the comics with AGENTS OF SHIELD.

This is all just my opinion, my hopes and dreams but with Joss Whedon once again behind a team based series, and a super hero team based series like  AGENTS OF SHIELD  to boot, we could see a lot of the Marvel Universe spill over onto our screens. My final words are this, You won’t take the Shield from me!

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