Beautiful Alternative Movie Posters for ALIEN, ROBOCOP and more

Matthew Chonacki released this book of beautiful alternative movie posters. The book features 200 alternative movie posters for Alien, Robocop, Blade Runner, Bambi and many more. These posters are unique because you will never find these types of posters (even though I wish that were not the case) in movie theaters. Chojnacki’s requirements for the book “was that the poster couldn’t have been used in an official theatrical run of the film. And it had to kick ass.”

Here is what Chojnacki had to say about his book:

“Luckily, underground artists have recently started to pick up the slack, creating posters for current, classic, and cult films that far exceed the quality of studio-generated one-sheets. The collectors market is now turned on its head — and these unofficial posters are far more in demand that the studio pieces.”

The book titled Alternative Movie Posters arrives on October 28th and is the perfect coffee table discussion. Keep reading to check out these images via The Verge.

alternative-movie-posters-1 alternative-movie-posters-2 alternative-movie-posters-3 Iron_Man_-_Jesse_Philips_verge_super_wide Labyrinth_-_Joshua_Gilbert_verge_super_wide Life_Aquatic_-_Joshua_Budich_verge_super_wideRobocop_-_Tim_Doyle_verge_super_wide

 Which of these alternative movie posters is your favorite?

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