As the title-adjacent suggests, American Horror Story has taken on the fabled witch cause in the third installment of the franchise. Last week’s “Bitchcraft” set the tone for the show, but this week’s “Boy Parts really sends the message home – the limits are few, and the room for poor judgement is substantial.

It’s hard to tell who the subject of the story is just yet since we’re skipping around a lot. For now we’re experiencing the narrative from several different perspectives which is making for an interesting experience. I thought the main character was Zoe (Taissa Farmiga), the naive New Orleans transplant that was shuffled off to Miss Robicheaux’s Academy after killing her boyfriend with her cursed female parts, but after this episode I’m not so sure.

The episode started with Misty Day (Lily Rabe), who we were obviously misled into believing was dead. I’m pretty sure she’s not going to come from behind and steal the spotlight, but it definitely threw me off for a few minutes. Her resurrection is a convenient plot twist, however, since Zoe and her new BFF, Madison (Emma Roberts) aim a little high when it comes to paying their respects to the deceased.

We are clearly no longer in the Charmed universe where magic is practiced sans personal gain. The witches we’ve been introduced to on AHS are cruder, more selfish, and highly independent – and, they don’t respond well to the words ‘no,’ ‘can’t,’ or ‘don’t.’

When Madison drags Zoe to the morgue, the pair finds that the bus crash was slightly more tragic than they realized. The frat boys were literally in pieces, and instead of trying to reassemble Zoe’s might have been (still might be) boyfriend with all his original parts, they decide to start over. A smorgasbord of  body parts, and a spell, later, and they’ve got their Frankenstein corpse ready for a second lease on a life cut short.


Kyle (Evan Peters) isn’t the only one returning to the land of the living this season. Madam LaLaurie (Kathy Bates) has spent 180 years buried in a box after being tricked by voodoo priestess Marie Laveaux (Angela Bassett) – for good reason. She has now been released from her eternal non-slumber, and is adjusting to life in present day, thanks to the Supreme witch, Fiona (Jessica Lange).

I thought there would have been more of a power struggle between these two woman, but LaLaurie gives up control without much persuasion necessary. She may have been a sadist in the 18th century, but there’s a learning curve to modern-day living, and after all she’s not a witch.

That also means she doesn’t hold the secret to freezing herself in time, which is what Fiona is really after. Either way, Fiona is making the right decision to keep her close (but not too close because it appears she smells). Laveaux may not be willing to bestow the secret of immortality on Fiona free of charge, but she might be interested in a trade. And, she’s not the only one.

Miss Robicheaux’s headmistress may talk a good game, but she was awfully quick to trade in her fertilization specialist for a magical one-and-done in order to start a family. Considering Cordelia’s (Sarah Paulson) own relationship with her mother,  it’s amazing that she wants to bring another generation into the mix. Would you blame her for choosing to adopt? Fiona’s strengths clearly live in the supernatural realm and not with her maternal instincts.

Do you think Misty will be able to bring Kyle back to normal (er, normal for someone that was recently killed in a horrific manner)? Will Fiona be more of a match for Marie Laveaux than LaLaurie was? Let us know what you thought of this episode of American Horror Story in the comment section below!

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