ARROW – “Crucible” Episode Recap

Only on Halloween would it seem odd to see grown ups fighting in costumes on a show that features a masked vigilante on a weekly basis. Arrow skipped the Halloween theme, however, and stuck to what is does best – bringing criminals to justice, and making Starling City a safer place for everyone.

If the primary purpose of season one of Arrow was to established Oliver (Stephen Amell) as a credible hero in the eyes of fans – the origin story per say – then season two’s focus is convincing everyone in Starling City of that. It’s also when things start to get complicated.

There’s been a lot of flashbacks in the last few episodes that have contradicted some of the facts that viewers might have thought they had nailed down already. The biggest one being what really happened to Sarah Lance (Caity Lotz).When we briefly met this character last season, besides being a brunette, she was also presumed dead (or, shortly thereafter).

For a while there, I really thought the mysterious women in black, aka the future Black Canary, was Laurel (Katie Cassidy). She pulled off some amazing moves when under duress, and since we’d been separated from her character all summer, it seemed like a plausible explanation for the physical transformation she underwent (under the surface).

Tonight on Arrow we got the first real taste of who’s behind the mask worn by Starling City’s newest vigilante, and surprise surprise, not only is it not Laurel, but it’s her supposedly dead sister. Talk about your coincidences. Both Oliver and Sarah survived the boat explosion, ended up on the island (a story we only know half of at this point), and made it home after all.


The idea of a female by Oliver’s side while he’s fighting has definitely grown on me over the last few episodes. It was easy for me, as a fan, to get territorial on behalf of Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards), but ultimately having someone else around that isn’t quite as exposed as her or Diggle (David Ramsey) makes sense. Actually, knowing that the mystery woman is Sarah almost makes it less of a threat. If there’s one thing that still seems in tact from season one, it’s that Oliver’s heart was never really into that relationship.

As Oliver transitions ‘The Hood’ into ‘Arrow,’ he’ll need to make an different kind of impact. With Sarah following her own moral compass and bringing another perspective to the table, it could turn out the be very useful in this endeavor.  If anything, the back-up keeps both of them safer when they’re in action. Unfortunately, it may also turn out to make them twice as much of a target. The threat they pose is pretty substantial and I’m sure there will be some eager takers betting against them.

Besides the more secretive aspect of their lives, having Sarah back in town (and back from the dead) could potentially have a huge impact on the rest of the season, and even series. Laurel and her father had their lives turned upside down when they thought she was dead. It’ll be interesting to see how the effect of finding out that she survived will have on them, and the way they see Oliver. Although he thought she was dead for at least most of the last six years, he also knew she didn’t die on the Queen’s Gambit like he has let them believe. This is a pretty big betrayal of trust on his part. Granted, this might not have been a story arc that was conceived at that point in production, moving ahead, that’s still how it reads.

How do you think Laurel will react when she finds out the truth? Was the island Oliver’s crucible, or is it his battle in Starling City that is the real test? Let us know what you thought of this episode of Arrow in comment section below!

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