DEXTER meets Wolverine in this must-watch Alternate Crossover Ending

Many Dexter fans were let down by the shows ending. Turn that frown upside down and check out this must-watch Dexter and Wolverine alternate crossover ending. Avoid watching the video above if you have yet to watch the series finale. The Dexter Blu-ray set arrives in November so you can relive some of your favorite episodes.

I could never really get into Dexter, but I am a huge fan of X-Men and the Wolverine so this is still a cool video. Watch the video created by Benjamin Coombes above and share your thoughts below!

Video Description:

One way or another, Dexter will have to pay for his acts. After the very disappointing ending of his TV Show, he will never be in peace, nowhere, ever.


Would you have seen this ending for Dexter?

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