The action adventure, Killing Season, brings together Hollywood heavy-hitters John Travolta and Robert De Niro in what should have been a fiercely compelling story. Instead, the entire production misses its mark and leave audiences with a 90-minute reminder of that.

It’s not that the performances are lacking, but the story overall is predictable, over-indulgent, and fails to build up the necessary suspense needed to make it work. The incredibly talented Robert De Niro plays a veteran who was stationed overseas during the Serbian/Bosnian conflict. When his younger self failed to kill a Serbian rebel, it sets a series of events in motion that catches up to him later in life. John Travolta, and his horrible accent, tracks down his would be assassin after he regains his mobility and decides to pay him a visit. Treachery ensues, blood is spilled, vengeance is entreated.


On the upside, the film does look good. Killing Season is presented on Blu-ray in 1.78:1 aspect ratio, probably re-sized from the super limited (a dozen theaters or so) theatrical release. The coloring is a bit subdued, but even in the darker sequences there is a nice contrast.

The sounds is average using the typical 5.1 Dolby Digital True HD format. It works well with both the heavier action scenes and subtler conversation pieces.

One of the biggest disappointments, besides the quality of the story, is the lack of extras. The great thing about Blu-rays are that they often boast extensive bonus features. Killing Season offers viewers the trailer and a featurette of the film, along with some other trailers front-loaded on the disc. The featurette is a really short look at the film, but  included quotes from both stars as the highlight.


Deep in the Appalachian mountains, a reclusive American military veteran (Robert De Niro) and a European tourist (John Travolta) strike up an unlikely friendship. But when the tourist’s true intentions come to light, what follows is a tense battle across some of America’s most forbidding landscape proving the old adage: the purest form of war is one-on-one.

Killing Season was released on Blu-ray on August 20, 2013.


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Lindsay Sperling

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