It’s been almost twenty years since audiences were captivated by The X-Files, a show that changed the television landscape forever, and even occasional viewers like myself understand the impact that it had on pop culture. The names Scully and Mulder still resonate with fans today, and after over 200 episodes (wowzers!) and two feature films, they have definitely reached icon status. Even after all these years, the show still continues to carry a clout that series now strive for.

In honor of the upcoming milestone, Soundtrax Records has released Music From The X-Files: 20th Anniversary Celebration. This is a brilliant selection of remastered music from the series with a bulk of the tracks composed by Mark Snow. Even If you’re unfamiliar with his name, chances are you’ve experienced his work over the years. Snow has composed for a long list of televisions shows and movies since the 1970’s. The album is produced and arranged by Dominik Hauser, Joohyun Park, and John Beal.

Although I can’t claim to be a die-hard fan of The X-Files (I come from a Star Trek family), I couldn’t help but be nostalgic listening to this album. Regardless of your level of attachment to the series, the music is enjoyable to sit back and listen to. There’s a heavy piano influence among the 19-tracks, and some great guitar riffs, that I think makes it well worth your listening time.

Track Listing

Tracks 1-5: Suite From The X-Files
Track 6: The Post-Modern Prometheus – J.J.’s Diner
Track 7: This is Not Happening — Suite
Track 8: Dreamland Part 2 – Suite
Track 9: Christmas Carol – Mother Games
Track 10: Hollywood A.D. – Dancing Bones
Track 11: The Truth, Part 2 – The Truth is Inside
Track 12: Scully Serenade
Tracks 13-15: The X-Files Fight the Future (1998)
Tracks 16-18: The X-Files I Want to Believe (2008)
Track 19: The X-Files Theme — Guitar

Music From The X-Files: 20th Anniversary Celebration is available on CD – and for those of you that are more technologically inclined,digitally – now from


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Lindsay Sperling

Lindsay Sperling

Lindsay Sperling has A.D.D. and her tastes reflect it. Her movie collection boasts everything from Casablanca to John Tucker Must Die to every season of Sons of Anarchy to-date. She adamantly supported a Veronica Mars Movie, hopes that the Fast & Furious franchise continues far into the future, and has read every popular YA book series turned film in recent years (except Harry Potter..). When she's not on an indie film set or educating the youth of America, she uses her time arguably productive as a freelance writer.

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