A STAR TREK TV Series Could be on the Horizon?

A rumor has just hit the web about the possibility of a new Star Trek TV series. According to Sky News’ Joe Michalczuk, Roberto Orci is in talks with CBS to create a new TV series. Orci co-wrote and produced the Star Trek movie. Michalczuk says he talked to Orci directly about his interest, so it is a bit more than just a wild rumor.

Sci-Fi and fantasy shows like Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.and Sleepy Hollow are very popular, so it is no surprise that a Star Trek could be a hit for CBS. With the success of the films it only makes sense to bring the show back to the small screen.

As a fan of the show I would like to see Star Trek on TV. The big question is which direction could this supposed series reboot take. I would hope that they would be faithful to the original canon of the Star Trek universe.

Would you like to see a new Star Trek TV series?

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