Superman Gives Us All the Feels

Say what you will about Superman in general: he’s a boy scout, he’s too goody-goody, he’s such a lame-o… This writer even has her own prejudices against him; she’s a Batman and Wonder Woman fan through and through. The latter two have to be a bit more resourceful than the “man who has everything.” We’ll get to why Wonder Woman rules everyone’s outside underpants in another post. For now let’s just say that she knows how to get sh** done.

However! You can’t deny feeling all the feels after reading this excerpt from J. Michael Straczynski’s Superman Grounded story arc, before New 52.

“Grounded” as a whole could have been better. It wasn’t awful, but…. Then you get scenes like the one below. It’s almost like nothing else in “Grounded” matters. JMS can be a such a strong writer. He excels at hitting you in the gut with emotions, even making you empathize with his characters. One of the author’s strongest points seems to be putting the hero on a path of rediscovery, something that Superman is doing in this story.

This particular snippet has been floating around the internet for a couple weeks, most probably because of Suicide Awareness Day. In any case, prepare your tissues, readers.

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Superman Grounded 4Superman Grounded 5Superman Grounded 6

You can buy Superman Grounded, volume 1 and volume 2, online at Amazon or at your local comic book store.

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