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The Greatest Event in Television History Update

It’s been a few months since Adam Scott’s last “The Greatest Event of Television History.” So far, Scott has teamed with “Mad Men’s” Jon Hamm as well as his “Parks and Recreation” co-star, Amy Poehler respectively to reenact opening titles for 80’s classics, “Simon & Simon” and “Hart to Hart”…respectively.

We’ve known for a while now that Scott’s deal with Swim included 3 or 4 specials for the network… his next outing is forthcoming. On November 7th @ midnight Adam Scott returns, this time with “Crossing Jordan’s” Kathryn Hahn, for another SUPER SECRET reenactment of a classic television opening title sequence. broke the news recently about Hahn being in this special, and also gives their thoughts on what this “Greatest Event” will be tackling

Will this truly be “The Greatest Event n Television History?” Find out November 7th at midnight, more than likely hosted once again by “Survivor’s” Jeff Probst.

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John J. Galbo

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