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Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories – Sneak Peek

Nearly 3 years ago, a majority of you Swim fans drew a sigh of relief as Tim and Eric Awesome Show, great job! ended its weird and awkward 5 year run on the network…

…now, in 2013 you shall groan once more as Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories special (subtitled Zach’s Haunted House) will air on Halloween Eve (Oct 31st) at midnight. For those who aren’t keen on T&E (and we know there’s a LOT of you), the “Zach” in Zach’s Haunted House is none other than The Hangover’s Zach Galifianakis, who previously portrayed characters on Awesome Show as well as Jim Joe Kelly in Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie.

HuffPost Comedy has a sneak peek up now as well as some tidbits regarding the first (that’s right, there will be more) special, touted as “a ‘Twilight Zone-like’ anthology series,” as well as some footage…


Also, Tim & Eric put out a little promo of their own on their Jash YouTube channel:

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T&E are back and we can’t wait… we bet you can’t either! 😉

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John J. Galbo

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