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VANGUARD PRINCESS Gets the Greenlight from Steam

Earlier today, eigoMANGA — a publishing company that specializes in creating and producing anime-genre digital media spanning comics, animation, and games — just announced today that Vanguard Princess was voted into the Steam Marketplace.

For the uninitiated, Vanguard Princess came out about five years ago in Japan and has been available to US gamers online for free, though largely untranslated. In February, eigoMANGA translated the game into English, made a few tweaks, and released it through Amazon as a digital game download.

Vanguard Princess features an all female cast of busty babes with bad ass weapons and over-the-top moves. Gravity-defying boobs aside, it’s a very fun 2-D fighting came that harkens back to other fighting faves such as Street Fighter and King of Fighters, among others. The player can choose from 10 fighters with an addition a partner who can trigger special moves during the fight. The story mode is nothing special, but what story in a fighting game (besides Injustice: Gods Among Us) is?

About The Game:

Government experimentation on a young girl triggered a cosmic shock wave that gifted many young girls with mystical powers. The victim re-emerges into the world and vows to destroy all of mankind in an act of revenge. A brave group of girls who embraced their powers head to the battlefield to confront her; not just for the sake of the world, but to pursue their own personal motives and dreams.

Vanguard Princess is slated for a Winter 2013 release on Steam’s global digital marketplace and will be available for Mac OS X, Linux, and PC. The game will also be formatted for Steam’s services such as Steamworks, SteamOS, and Steam-powered devices.

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