WildCat Robot runs up to 28 mph without a Power Cord

Meet the WildCat, a new robot from Boston Dynamics that can run 28 miles per hour without a power cord. Last year the company unveiled the Cheetah whose top speed is 16 mph, but requires a power cable. The robot is based on the same design and can keep running at high speeds until it’s motor runs out of juice. The only drawback is how large and loud the engine is currently. In time I am sure that will change as better power sources are found. This is an amazing feat of technology seeing as how humans can’t run that fast!

Here is the description from Boston Dynamics:

WildCat is a four-legged robot being developed to run fast on all types of terrain. So far WildCat has run at about 16 mph on flat terrain using bounding and galloping gaits. The video shows WildCat’s best performance so far. WildCat is being developed by Boston Dynamics with funding from DARPA’s M3 program. 


What do you think of the WildCat?

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