Aquaman – Big Fish in a Small Pond

It’s no secret Aquaman is not loved as much as his DC brethren. He has never seen mainstream success since he is know as the big wet wonder. Many people considered Aquaman to be a  ridiculous sham of a character, this was not helped by some of his more “unique” abilities(Marine telepathy anyone). With a supporting cast that seemed to be more interesting than him(Garth) there was always a lot of trouble translating Aquaman into any kind of credible storyline especially if none of the other members of the Justice League were involved. It’s not like studios haven’t  tried to bring him to mainstream audiences before, there have been several live action incarnations of Aquaman which include the CW’s Smallville Arthur Curry(played by Alan Ritchson) and then there was the unaired Mercy Reef which starred Justin Hartley as Aquaman, but this iteration of  Aquaman was never picked up by studios. You can still see the trailer for the series, right here.

Then came a bright light,a beacon of hope, a decent writer. That’s right I’m talking about the one, the only, Geoff Johns, Green Lantern scribe and all round creative genius at DC comics. Johns was in the middle of his tenure with the Green Lantern series(another series which he reinvigorated),he had began his now famous arc Blackest Night. An arc which saw the introduction of a new type of Lantern corp, the Black Lanterns who were reanimated heroes and villains and one of those heroes was Aquaman. With this rebirth came a resurgence in Aquamans mainstream appeal. This would not  be the first time Geoff Johns would pen an Aquaman adventure, some of his notable Pre 52 arcs include Brightest Day and Flashpoint. Flashpoint brought the character of Aquaman to a whole new generation of fans with a massive shift  in tone and character.

With DC’s New 52 starting back in 2011 there was a shift  in creative teams and Aquaman was given a brand  new series.  With this series came a superb creative team consisting of Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis and Joe Prado who knew how  to handle the deep sea dweller. Aquaman is now one of the hottest titles in the New 52 and this  is why DC have huge plans for Aquaman. Warner Bros have plans to spin an Aquaman film off the DC Cinematic Universe which began with Man of Steel, not only that there are plans for a DC Animated film with Aquaman as the lead. With the right treatment, the right creative team and the right Aquaman this could be a great film. Just look at Thor, a similar storyline which deals with a petulant prince who has to face up to his responsibilities there are a lot of similarities between the God of Thunder and the King of Atlantis.

All you would need is a director like Kenneth Branagh or Alan Taylor to give credence to the mythology of Aquaman.All the political intrigue of Game of Thrones with all the wonder and daring of a DC character and in recent years every aspect of Aquaman has been been updated, from his powers to his  rogue gallery. There is a wealth of mythology  to  draw upon and if you want my opinion, just get Geoff Johns to pen a screenplay(like they should have done for the Green Lantern film). If we’re also talking about who should play  the King Of Atlantis I would like to see Liam Hemsworth in the role.  He’s got  the build, the swagger and just enough broody charm to pull off Arthur Curry.


Potential King of Atlantis?
Potential King of Atlantis?

So what  do you  think of  Aquaman? Who would you like to play Aquaman? What other DC superheroes do you  think deserve to be given the benefit of the doubt and given a chance to shine?

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Graham Day

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