ARROW “Keep Your Enemies Closer” Recap

On tonight’s episode of Arrow, the gang heads to Russia. This is the first field trip we’ve seen our hero team take, and it definitely wasn’t without its fair share of unforgettable moments.

When Digg’s (David Ramsey) ex-wife goes radio silent, the secretive government agency she works for enlists his help to bring her home safely. Oliver (Stephen Amell) overrides Digg’s plea for a few days off with an alternate, and more realistic, plan to tag team this unsanctioned mission. Unfortunately, they don’t even make it off of U.S. soil before there is a hitch in the plan.

Oliver’s business partner, Isabel (Summer Glau) catches wind of the trip and hops aboard under the auspices of not wanting to be left out of company outings. The truth, as we uncover later, is that she has a lonely streak and is looking for any way to fill her time. Also, she’s originally from Russia – or at least spent her adolescence there – who knew?

Once again, Oliver’s time on the island comes in handy in a less-than-hospitable situation. In the most recent flashbacks, we were introduced to a fellow prisoner on the cargo ship from hell – a guy that just so happened to be Russian, and apparently survived whatever inhumane purpose for their captivity.

In order to save Lyla, the team has to not only break into a prison, but they also have to break back out. Insert random Russian ally here. Everything falls into place, until Digg actually makes it into the prison and comes face-to-face with Deadshot (Michael Rowe).

If you don’t remember who that is, he’s the guy who killed Digg’s brother. Fortunately, Lyla happens to be the only person that he loves more than he hates Deadshot, and together they rescue Lyla, break out, and rendevue with the Oliver and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards).


The real kink in the entire operation is an alcohol-induced encounter between Oliver and Isabel. We haven’t seen Ollie date anyone since he temporarily rekindled his relationship with Laurel (Katie Cassidy), which quickly ended after the events in the Glades. And, while Isabel makes for an interesting option, she doesn’t exactly seem like his best choice.

When Felicity walks in on the situation, it forces some underlying issues. Even though technically there’s nothing going on between the two of them, it’s pretty obvious that they are beginning to develop a relationship that extends pass moonlighting as a superhero. Oliver makes up a lame excuse to put her at ease, but even he didn’t seem completely convinced about its validity.

One thing is becoming increasingly evident, Felicity’s wardrobe has received a definite upgrade from last season. She’s traded in her more conservative look for something a bit more playful (and shorter, and tighter..) pieces. She may not feel 100% comfortable in her new role as personal assistant, but she definitely looks the part. I wonder what Isabel would have said if she’d met Felicity pre-transformation?

Meanwhile, back in Starling City, as Moira’s trial approaches, there is even more scrutiny on her family than ever. Thea’s (Willa Holland) love life is put in the spotlight when Roy (Colton Haynes) is arrested, and she makes a surprising decision to end things with him in order to not compromise her mother’s defense. Fortunately, Moira talks some sense into her.

Were you surprised by Thea’s rash decision? Are you behind a potential Oliver/Felicity romance? Let us know in the comment section below, along with all your thoughts on tonight’s episode of Arrow!

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