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The Console War – Master Chief battles Kratos in this Epic Video

Who do you think will win the console war? The console wars are in full swing. So far the PlayStation 4 is kicking ass with over 1 million units sold. Machinima has brought the console wars to life with this epic new video. Halo’s Master Chief and Gods of War’s Kratos battle for supremacy in “a city street, armed with laser beams, guns, missiles and even mini-nuclear weapons. This scenario will be played out in the aptly name “Console War” video. Watch the video above and keep reading for more details.

Video Description:

Which platform wins? In true choose-your-adventure style, that’s up to you. You are a key part of this battle, after all. You decide the winner of this fight at home – and you can choose the ending of the video.

Dolby teamed up with Machinima to bring the battle to life with surround sound that puts you in the middle of the action. After all, great visuals deserve big sound. And gamers are accustomed to hearing Dolby audio, which is supported on the last generation PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and on the next-gen machines.


Who do you think will win the console war?

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