Learn the Origin Story of THOR Before Watching THOR 2

With all the excitement for the release of Thor: The Dark World this weekend, it’s time to prepare for the epic sequel. In addition to hosting a marathon of Thor and The Avengers at home (again), be sure to add watching The Origin of Thor to your pre-theater going experience.

Ever wondered how he  got to be so mighty or where he got the hammer? Those answers can be found in Journey Into Mystery issue #83, but also in Jason Inman’s entertaining six-minute YouTube video,The Origin of Thor. Jason Inman or “Jawiin” is a true comic enthusiast and provides weekly comic book reviews on his channel, but this latest upload is a masterpiece.


In the same fashion as Drunk History or Max Landis’ The Death and Return of Superman short, The Origin of Thor tells the story of Thor through narration and lip dub live action. While Inman’s version might lack celebrity cameos by Will Ferrell and Elijah Wood found in its predecessors, The Origin of Thor still delivers the laughs. Inman tells the humble beginnings of the famous Norse thunder god – with drink in hand- while his friends and fellow YouTubers 2 Broke Geeks and The Jovenshire act out the scenes. Of course, The Origin of Thor features Donald Blake turning into the god of thunder, but is also showcases green aliens singing about breaking stuff and a NATO General watching Sean Connery in DragonHeart bonus features on his monitor. Plus, Inman calling out Thor for being a “Woo Girl” is too good to miss!

Let’s celebrate the return of mighty Thor this weekend and watch The Origin of Thor; WOO!


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