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“Neil Hamburger’s Big Ball” Sees Light of Day on

A pilot, said to never see the light of day actually does see it… on

Today, on .com, “The New Big Ball w/ Neil Hamburger” was unleashed in clip form onto their video format. We’ve known about this pilot for what seems ages. In the early days of “Awesome Show, great job!,” Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim had announced they were working on a game show-type show for Swim, starring everyone’s favorite comedian, Neil Hamburger. For one reason or another, Swim passed on the pilot. Here’s the entry on Wikipedia that’s been on the page for Swim shows for forever:

Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim project starring Neil Hamburger. Described as a mixture of a “Japanese bizarre game show and ‘The Price Is Right.” The pilot was finished, but Adult Swim rejected the pilot after being unsatisfied with the final product.


Check out more clips on .com

We have to wonder if this will lead to more unseen pilots (Hey, maybe Tight Bros. has a home finally)? Only time will tell.

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John J. Galbo

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