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Holy crap, you guys, it’s finally here! If you follow me at all on Twitter, then you know I’ve been kind of talking about this non-stop. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds 3DS XL game bundle! It’s pretty, and all Zelda-y.

I first got a blue 3DS XL earlier this year, but being a major console gamer, I did not set aside a lot of time to play with it. For the longest time Ocarina of Time, Kid Icarus, and Kingdom Hearts 3D just sat on my desk. So lonely and dejected. I eventually got around to them when there was finally a lull in my console gaming and immediately latched onto Ocarina of Time. Then as soon as I heard that the Legend of Zelda 3DS was coming out, I traded my blue one in a hot minute.

I hadn’t played a Legend of Zelda game in…years; not since Phantom Hour Glass. And before that, I had played Zelda since the good ol’ Super Nintendo years where I was a console gen behind. I played Legend of Zelda like it was my job. That’s quite a commitment for 6-7 year old. My nostalgic love for the franchise reignited something in me. I know, I know, there are definitely way more people out there who are not only more well-versed in the world of Zelda, but they have played way more titles in the series. But why do we keep coming back? Nostalgia is one, that’s where I live, and the puzzles, story and overall gameplay is the second. But we’ll get back to that another day.

The Legend of Zelda edition itself is your standard model. All the buttons and nobs are in their usual places, a second analog stick still remains to be seen (not even close to a deal breaker, but come one), the cameras and speakers are all where they should be, and the display is all the same. I still wish they would consider adding screen protectors for the anal retentive (me). The casing, however, brings out a pure delight in your nerd heart. The device has a metallic gold matte on the top and a black matte on the bottom, each representing the light and dark worlds in the Zelda series. Both ends feature a triforce accent respectively, a nice subtle touch that doesn’t scream out at you light some past special edition cases.

Overall it’s super nice, chic even. If you are a fan of Zelda, and have some extra cash lying around, this would be a great addition to your gaming collection.

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