WOLVERINE Returns – 3 Plots that Need to be Adapted for the new Movie!

Today came news that we all assumed wasn’t coming until after X-Men: Days Of Future Past had graced our screens. Wolverine returns for a brand new solo adventure. James Mangold( the director behind The Wolverine) is apparently in negotiations with Fox to direct The Wolverine 2 since The Wolverine did respectfully well in the box office, It went on to gross $413m at the box office globally, making it the second highest grossing X-Men film yet behind X-Men: The Last Stand, so a sequel looks like a safe bet for Fox. If Hugh Jackman does return as Wolverine it will be the eighth time the Aussie actor has become the Canadian mutant.

That however is not want I want to discuss, it’s all well and good for Wolverine to again return to the big screen because apparently we the audience cannot get enough of the Wolverine and his crazy shenanigans. I want to discuss this, where can we go next with this X-Man, he’s seen more screen time than any other mutant and the reason I will give that he has lasted this long is due to his longevity. I’m serious, his immortality allows writers, directors and studio’s( once they cop on) to delve into a timespan that began in the late 1880’s. With X-Men Origins: Wolverine Fox tried so hard( and failed so terribly) to show the varied and complicated past of their highest earner just so they could milk him just a little bit more. It was unfortunate because if they thought more about the story they  were adapting instead of their wallets they could have been on to a winner.

With that aside I’d like to give you the 3 choices for  plots I would want adapted to the big screen.

 Wolverine: Enemy of the State

Wolverine Enemy  of  State

The only published arc in my 3 choices. Wolverine: Enemy of the State pits Wolverine against the entire Marvel Universe. After being brainwashed by The Hand  Wolverine is tasked with eliminating key figures around the Marvel Universe. What we get is an unapologetic storyline which deals with how the Marvel Universe views Wolverine. You also get an interesting insight into the mind of a man who for two decades has had no idea who or what he is and this has lasting repercussions for him and all those around him, especially since he causes a ton of collateral damage. This would make a great end to the X-Men Universe of films because it could end with Logan repairing his shattered relationships and with Hugh Jackman and choice characters/actors this could a great send off to the character and the mutants, for a while at least


She’s the best at what she does and what she does isn’t very nice, but she looks great while doing it.

Ah X-23 what is their to say about X-23. Well let’s  start at the beginning shall we. A cloning program was begun  by Weapon X to  try and replicate  the “success” that was Wolverine. Out of all the clones only one survived, X-23. Funnily enough the clone was the only female in the batch and you know what they say, the female of the species can be far dangerous than the male.  As the female equivalent of Wolverine X-23 (Laura to her  friends) is an unstoppable killing machine but unlike Logan, Laura has allowed people in to her life without it taking decades of  her life to come to terms with what she is. It would also be nice to see the paternal instincts of Wolverine surface again  since he is such a great mentor to many of the younger X-Men eg. Jubilee, Shadowcat and X-23. With X-23 FOX could also address the problems left with X-Men Origins: Wolverine in the case of the government group Weapon X. Introducing X-23 could give the sense of closure on that failure and with the right treatment give it a proper send off.


The bastard of a bastard.

My favourite character that has come out the mutant universe in a long time. Daken is Wolverine’s only child and what a child he is. With training that matches Wolverine’s for both intensity and brutality and a skeleton that is coated with the only  known metal to be able kill his father Daken or Akihiro to his friends(he has no friends) is in theory the only being on Earth who could kill The Wolverine. The storyline that could introduce Daken would have to be the most brutal and visceral storyline to grace the silver screen. It could also introduce X-23 as the flip side of the coin, nurture over nature and the whole film would deal with the legacy of the Wolverine. The film could deal  with Daken and X-23 fighting for Wolverine’s soul. It  could be amazing, it wouldn’t even need a large cast, something intimate,visceral and brutal. I’m not saying there couldn’t be cameo’s from the supporting cast of X-Men which would allow for the feeling of an expanded  universe. Unfortunately Daken and X-23 need gestation in the X-Men Universe so that when they are introduced it feels organic. With the right script and the right director this could end it all on a bitter sweet high. The title in my head would be this Wolverine Legacy.

X-23 vs Daken. The daughter and the son.
X-23 vs Daken. The daughter and the son.

So tell me, how do you feel about the news that there’s another solo Wolverine film coming? Do you want another one? Are you getting tired of  Hugh Jackman? What story line do you want FOX to adapt? And do you think it’s time for the Old Man Logan story line to be done?

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