It’s been almost ten years since Anchorman graced our screens and taught us how to love lamp. Since  then we have had so many comedies that have capitalised on the success of Anchorman, The Hangover, Bridesmaids and so many others. In some ways Anchorman is the reason for the Renaissance of comedies we have had over the years. With this kind of legacy behind it, Anchorman 2 has a lot against it. All you have to look at as an example is  the Hangover trilogy. Neither subsequent film after the original Hangover film were as wildly loved. This is a constant problem with comedies that try to become comedy franchises, so with that understanding let’s find out if Anchorman 2 is the exception we all want  it to be.

Six years have passed  since the events of San Diego happened to the greatest Anchorman the world has ever known and Ron Burgundy is on cloud nine with his wife Veronica Corningstone and their young impressionable son Walter Burgundy. That is until their boss(Harrison Ford) promotes Veronica and fires Ron. Several months pass and Ron has been head hunted by a new News channel to be a part of the first 24 hour news channel. He decides that if he is to succeed he needs his team and goes about finding them, in increasingly hilarious and disturbing fashion.

The lads.
The lads.

With this sequel the character of Ron Burgundy, surprisingly, is expanded upon and there are emotional moments which I was really impressed with. Ron actually grew as a character and I was really impressed with that, unfortunately apart from some fantastic scenes his team don’t get the same treatment. Champ(David Koechner) is his  usual self, this time around with his increasing knowledge on frying increasingly disturbing types of animals. Brian(Paul Rudd) is once again sex crazed and full of options for the man who wants to get the best out of sex with unusual and intricate condoms and Brick(Steve Carrell), well Brick has now a lady love, unfortunately this is one of the weaker point of the film, Channy(Kristen Wiig) in my opinion is a completely  unnecessary character. She is pretty much Brick with a vagina and what I realised is that this film needs only one Brick. It’s not  that Kristen Wiig is not funny it’s just that her scenes were the weakest and with a running time that is slightly bloated( almost two hours) the film begins to drag at points. That really is it though, the  film grows on everything that made the first Anchorman so great. I was literally in tears toward the end of the film it was so funny, the cameos in this film range from the understandable to the completely ridiculous. The storyline has some surprising depth and Will Ferrell gives a fantastic performance. You can clearly tell everyone is having fun and that  just adds to the experience of the film. With Veronica Corningstone(Christina Applegate) giving some of the best dialogue of the film this isn’t just a boys club.

Anchorman 2 is a fantastic film that just is every bit the superior  to its predecessor and I know that it’s also a film that will grow  on you as you see it again and again.

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