Disney Acquires Rights to INDIANA JONES

It was bound to happen sooner or later, Disney acquiring the rights to Indiana Jones. In a totally precedented sequence of events, Paramount and Walt Disney Studios have made a distribution and marketing agreement for the franchise.

As per the arrangement, Disney gains distribution and marketing rights for just the future films as well as retaining ownership rights when they got Lucasfilm. Furthermore, Paramount still retains distribution and marketing right for the last four Indiana Jones films and will receive financial participation on any more installations Disney decides to make in the future.

Feelings are still tentative on what this means exactly for the future of the franchise, though Harrison Ford has expressed interest in putting on the fedora and whip again. And if he did ever come back, how many movies would he have left in him on top of his possible return to at least one Star Wars movie? One possibility we can see Disney try out is turning Indy into a James Bond. Tricky move, but possible once people learn to accept Harrison Ford is only a mere mortal.

There are really only two things we wish to see: the return of Short Round, replacing Mutt, and a roller coaster ride modeled after The Temple of Doom‘s mine cart chase at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida.

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