DIY Lightsaber

Many of us would love to make our own props for costuming, but with so much information out there on the internet, it’s hard to pinpoint which method is the best. One such example is finding a good DIY lightsaber tutorial. For those unwilling, or too broke, to cough up $100+ for an official lightsaber, there are many methods of constructing your own lightsaber; however, some don’t provide well-enough steps that help us through the process.

Technology components distributer, Newark, sent Agents of Geek a comprehensive info graphic on how to make your own Jedi (or Sith) lightsaber. This is by far our favorite DIY project ever. Excuse us while we go and make our own.

One of the sole possessions a Jedi is allowed to have, the lightsaber is like wearing a badge within the Order. Not only does it take great dexterity, athleticism, and strength to wield this dangerous weapon, but great skill to build one as well. Are you up to the task?

DIY Lightsaber

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