Mistborn: The Final Empire – First Look at New Cover Art

The Mistborn Trilogy, a fantasy series by Brandon Sanderson is a long running series with complex heroes and unforgettable  villains. Recently with the upcoming release of the Brazilian edition of the first in the series, Mistborn: The Final Empire there was a new cover illustration done by artist Marc Simonetti and I have to say it is inspired. If you’ve seen any of Marc Simonetti’s work you know he gets the soul of the piece dead on every time. From A Song of Ice and Fire to the Discworld series this  artist does everything with style and passion.


With this piece for Mistborn: The Final Empire he really shines. Simonetti has captured a tense battle between the Mistborn Kelsier and a cell of Steel Inquisitors high above the streets of Luthadel. Although the cover has no sign of Vin, the series’ protagonist, the artist has stated that the covers for all three books will combine to form a complete triptych. I really look forward to the finished product! Mistborn: The Final Empire, first novel in the epic Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson, is being released in Brazil by Leya Brazil. Check out the link below  to head to the official website:

Another of Marc Simonetti's work
Another of Marc Simonetti’s work


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